Solve your problems.

Yvo.Solutions can contribute to various phases of your software project:

  • Definition: contracting.
  • Implementation: contracting or code reviews.
  • Maintenance: contracting or code reviews.
  • Long-term maintenance: audit.


Solve your bugs.

Areas where Yvo.Solutions can help include:

  • Improve performance (latency/throughput),
  • Debug complex, multithreaded and distributed software,
  • Implement complex algorithms in modern C++.

Code Reviews

Solve your bugs before you know you had them.


Solve your architecture.

Implementing robust, secure and fast software is complex and expensive. Indeed, it requires a deep understanding of hardware, operating systems, security, networking, and legal constraints, to name only a few. Besides, it often involves concurrency - multithreading, distributed computing, SIMD, GPU computing, etc. - and advanced algorithms - geometric modelers, multiphysics solvers, deep neural networks, etc. -. Writing a safe, reliable and useful software can be as difficult as engineering a car, an aircraft or a city.

Let's be honest, many products started as proofs of concept or minimum viable products. In fact, time to market is often more important than software quality for businesses. Altough this statement may sound irritating to software professionals, it depicts a simple and sensible reality, from different perspectives. As a product manager, you probably want to showcase a working proof of concept to the senior management. As a chief technology officer, you may need to give confidence to your stakeholders with an impressive demonstration. As a chairman, you may wish to create a wonderful and emotive presentation a sensitive for the next Consumer Electronic Show. Moving fast enables moving forward, keeping funds, or growing your team. It is often a survival issue.

Building a demonstration is quite simple. Selling a dream is not too difficult. The real magic is when the dream comes true. Engineering a real product out of a mere demonstration is the real challenge.

All too often, demonstrations are sold and become, little by little, legacy products. The technical debt increases until reaching a point where nobody dares touching the monster code base.

Auditing your legacy code base can help you take some perspective and apply industry good practices, such as design patterns, automated tests or refactoring.

Yvo.Solutions can perform the following actions for you:

  • It uses industry standards such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and ArchiMate to draw an overall picture of your current architecture.
  • It will define with you the goals of the desired architecture.
  • It will index your code base to generate diagrams and enable querying your code.
  • It will define the bounded contexts of your logical software components.
  • It will define a migration roadmap with you toward a target desirable architecture.
  • It will analyse your workflow and try to improve it: source control, build tools, package managers, unit tests, continuous integration, continuous delivery, agile methods, etc.
  • It will run static analysers.

Other Services

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